Just a quick post to bring you an update on the email posting support for Idno.

The email posting plugin is a handy plugin that allows you to make posts to your Idno site via email. Unfortunately, since the way POSSE syndication buttons worked was changed a little while ago, it hasn’t been possible to post out to your silo followers in twitter/facebook/etc.

No longer! Now, you are able to specify a syndication destination by putting one or more pipe tags in the email subject line (these will be removed from the post). So, for example to post to twitter, you’d use the “|” (pipe) character before the service, and add a |twitter to the subject line.

Have fun!

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opengraphlogo So, I needed a simple open graph library for a project. There are other libraries, but I just needed something simple and quick, so I bashed this library together.

The library contains a class with a single static function, you pass it some page contents, and it’ll spit back a key => value array containing any open graph entries in the page.

This was handy for me, it might be for you 🙂

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opengraphlogoThe Open Graph protocol is a way of providing rich content information for pages when shared on social networks.

This is quite powerful, and there’s a lot you can do with it, but at the basic level it provides a way for content creators to control how the share stub looks when shared on networks like Facebook or Google+. Support for this has been missing from Elgg for a while, so I dusted off some old code and built a plugin to add support!

The Elgg Open Graph plugin adds Open Graph meta headers to your Elgg site (with reasonable defaults), and provides a framework for you to add specific open graph headers to object pages and specific URLS.

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