pushover Pushover.net is a service that allows you to send popup notifications to your iPhone, iPad or Android device via calls to a simple API.

I wanted a notification whenever someone left me a comment or webmention on my idno site, so I put together a plugin that does just that!


Install and activate the Pushover plugin on your idno site, and then create an application for your site on Pushover.net, via their admin panel.

Once you have done this, go back to your idno site and configure the plugin via your user settings page, putting the application and user API keys in the appropriate boxes.

Hit save, and you should now get popup notifications whenever a new comment is left!

» Visit the project on Github…

This is a quick post about the simplest hack I’ve made which has boosted my productivity immensely. Simply turn off all notifications, email notifications and previews, IM Popups, Eclipse Mylyn task notifications, in fact anything which will interrupt your flow. Turn your phone to silent and put it in another room.

These notifications interrupt your flow and demand that they’re dealt with right away. Even if you ignore the notification the damage has been done, your flow has been interrupted and you were forced to make a decision as to whether to respond.

Turning off these notifications means you deal with them when you have the spare mental capacity to deal with it.

So, turn them off.