A heads up to those who are following Known GitHub HEAD!

I’ve just merged a change to Known core that makes a significant change to Known’s *sql core (mysql and Postgres). This change splits the metadata table into one metadata table per collection.

This simplifies the data model, which makes certain stuff easier going forward (import/export, GraphQL APIs etc). It also means we can leverage the DBMS in order to maintain data integrity.

This is a significant change, so it goes without saying that you need to BACK UP YOUR DATABASE BEFORE UPGRADING!

idno Idno is a modern #indieweb self hosted open source social networking platform. The project was started by Ben Werdmuller, who you may remember from such projects as Elgg, it makes use of a lot of cool technologies and has some very interesting features on the roadmap.

I recently got stuck into the project myself; as a former core Elgg developer myself, it seemed an obvious platform to look at when I wanted to PRISM break my social media activity, and move to a POSSE modal for Facebook and Twitter etc. It also forms the base to a couple of cool client projects that I’m working on.

The project is really starting to pick up speed, and you can see my social stream over at mapkyca.com.

Ben has done a really nice job at building the initial platform, and I can’t wait to see how the project develops!

Jurisdiction The other day, in response to Ben’s suggestion, I declared my data jurisdiction, so that those wishing to contact me knew exactly what risks their data could be exposed to.

It occurred to me that simply naming the jurisdiction wasn’t really much good unless I could also point to something that would explain the risks in plain English, so, the other afternoon, I took some time out and put together Data-Jurisdiction.org.

Data-Jurisdiction.org is a community project that anyone can contribute to (either by submitting a patch for, or raising an issue on, the GitHub project) so get hacking! It is my hope that as more people declare their data jurisdiction the site will become a handy source of information.

As a reminder of my jurisdiction; I am based in the UK, with servers in the US and Germany.